Your Property is our Priority

LandTek Landscape Services provides year-round professional landscape services to residential and commercial properties. We serve the Hurricane Valley and surrounding areas. 

LandTek services include:

  • Year round weekly landscape maintenance.
  • Irrigation repairs including retrofitting older systems.
  • Seasonal services such as aerate/power-rake, fertilization, over-seeding and yard clean-up's.

LandTek Landscape Services is licensed, is insured and is a professional business. We value customer service and strive to exceed our clients expectations.  Your property is our priority.

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Aeration, Power-raking, Fertilization
and Yard-clean up's

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Aeration is a process used to correct problems associated with compacted soil.

Power-raking removes thatch (a dense mat of root stems and grass clippings) which prevents water and nutrients from reaching the soil.

•  Fertilization is one of the most basic and important components of turf-grass management. When applied correctly, it contributes greatly to lawn color, density, uniformity, and growth.

Why does your lawn need these services?
The roots of turf areas need air as well as water and nutrients for growth. As turf areas mature, they can develop compacted, air-deficient soil. Compacted soil restricts water and nutrient absorption.  Consider aeration, power-raking and fertilization as a breath of fresh air for your lawn.