Your Property is our Priority

LandTek provides a varity of landscape related services to residential and comerical properties.

How can we be at your service?

Maintenance Services

 At LandTek, our staff is dedicated to dependable service and efficient work. We will custom fit our services to your properties specific needs.

• weekly mowing, trimming edging and blow off debris
• weed management
• fertilization
• hedging and pruning
• Tree care (up to 12 feet)
• On call emergency* services for irrigation or landscape-related problems
     *emergency service fee applies
• palm trimming (up to 12 feet)
• aeration
• power-raking
• over-seeding
• yard clean-up
• pre-emergent

Landscape Installation or Renovation services

Southern Utah's unique climate offers a variety of landscaping options. From new installation to a complete landscape renovation consider LandTek as your full service landscaper.

• shrubs; replace or install new with drip   system
• trees; replace or install new with drip   system
• sod; replace or install new with sprinkler   system
• over seed and manure service
• curbing, install new or replace
• concrete, install new or replace
• rock, install new or replace
• irrigation system, install new or replace
•clock, install new or replace

Irrigation System Repair and Renovation Services

Wise use of water is vital to the proper maintenance of your property. We excel in maintenance and repair of irrigation systems to maximize water effeicany and minimize waste.

• trouble-shoot watering issues
• clock; set timer and wiring
• sprinklers; replace or up-grade
• valve installation
• back flow preventer installation
• pressure regulator installation
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Lawns that are discolored, slow-growing, or have invading weeds or other pest problems may not be properly fertilized. Fertilizer is important for healthy, vigorous plant growth and development. There are many of the required nutrients for turfgrass found naturally in the soil, fertilization practices focus on the supply of three primary nutrients — nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.